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Welcome to the Foreign Object Elimination Student Reference Page. Please use the following resources when advised by your instructor. These documents and files are posted here as training aids exclusively for the instructor-led training class. This page should not be considered a re-publication of articles or documents. All copyrights are hereby acknowledged.


Case Studies:

Air France Flight 4590 (Concorde)

Piaggio P-180 Maintenance (Grand Rapids, MI)

US Airways Flight 1549 (Miracle on the Hudson)

British Airways Flight 009 (The Jakarta Incident)

Beech 65 (Great Bend, ND)

Ayres S2R-G10 (Biggers, AR)

Stinson 108-1 (Concrete, WA)

UH-60 Blackhawk (Blackhawk over Iraq)

MD-369E (Ontario, CA)

Piaggio P-180 (Columbus, OH)

Cessna T-182T (Munising, MI)

Northwest Airlines DC-9 (Syracuse, NY)


The Many Faces of FOD by Bob Baron (FOD News)

Engine Inlet Barrier Filters by Fred Polak (HeliMX, October 2011)

You pick: Cheap Lesson or Expensive Mishap by LCDR Chris Plummer, USN

Shedding some light on FOD by Jason Bauman (U.S. Navy “Mech” magazine, reprinted in FOD News)

Where did I Leave That Tool? by Thomas DuFresne

Accident - Tailwind B734 at Diyarbakir on June 14th, 2009, uncommanded pitch up during landing flare due to jammed elevator by Simon Hradecky (April 21, 2010 The Aviation Herald)

Foreign objects can become FOD by MSgt Steve Ball (The Combat Edge magazine, reprinted in FOD News)

BA ground workers charged in A321 hit-and-run (Aero News Network, January 15, 2009)

Control Failures by Patty Wagstaff (Plane & Pilot, March 11, 2014)


A-10C Accident Investigation report released, January 12, 2012

FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5370-2E (Operational Safety on Airports During Construction)

FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5380-5B (Debris Hazards at Civil Airports)

USAF 15th Airlift Wing Instruction 21-105 (Foreign Object Damage Program)

USAF 15th Airlift Wing Instruction 21-106 (Tool/Equipment Management Procedures)