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KV920 Aircraft Lighting Lab Trainer w/ Fault Isolation 
The KV920 is designed to introduce the basic theory of DC electricity through an aviation theme. The trainer features the external lighting circuits of a typical aircraft allowing the student to wire circuits in series or parallel, observe the operation of the circuits, and measure voltage, resistance, and current using a digital multi-meter (DMM). A switch panel on the back of the trainer allows the instructor to induce shorts or opens in any of the circuits and to simulate a blown fuse. Designed to mimic the instrument panel and lights of a common general aviation aircraft, the student learns not only how these circuits work, but also how the lights of an aircraft are used in flight. A companion Android app is available in the Google Play Store which guides the student through wiring the circuits, operation and testing, and for advanced students, troubleshooting faults in wiring circuits. The KV920 is a perfect solution for introducing students to the world of electricity and teaching the basic concepts of series and parallel circuits along with measuring voltage, resistance, and current with a multimeter.

CES 651 Analog Electronics Lab Trainer

The flagship CES 651 is the most popular lab trainer in our line of electronics education solutions. The CES 651 Electronics Lab Trainer is an interactive training tool used in science and electronics classrooms worldwide to introduce students to basic electronics components and apply STEM concepts using hundreds of basic, intermediate, and advanced electronics experiments. The CES 651 is designed to be an intuitive lab trainer used to teach the concepts of both DC and AC theory from simple series and parallel circuits to complex amplifiers and oscillators. This trainer features a variety of resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, potentiometers, switches, lamps, and LEDs. A built-in power supply provides both positive and negative DC voltages and the function generator produces sine, sawtooth, and square waves from 1Hz to 100KHz. The CES 651 also features a built-in analog voltmeter and ammeter along with both IC and PCB expansions connectors to increase its functionality through the use of external PCB modules. This trainer is a comprehensive solution for teaching analog theory for nearly any electronics discipline including the ASTM/NCATT Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) Certification.

The CES 651 Student Manual features 150+ experiments for students to complete!

CES 500 Exploratory Analog Electronics Lab Trainer
The CES 500 is an exploratory lab trainer used for teaching the basic elements of DC and AC theory. The panel features a variety of resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, switches, and lamps presented in an intuitive input-process-output format. The built-in power supply provides positive and negative DC voltages and the function generator produces adjustable sine, sawtooth, and square waveforms. The CES 500 is a great solution for teaching the basic elements of DC and AC electronics including the basic electricity portion of the FAA Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) General Curriculum found in 14 CFR Part 147.

The CES 500 Student Manual features 40+ exploratory electronics experiments.

NEW! CES 500F Exploratory Electronics Lab Trainer w/ Fault Isolation
Oh yes we did! We took the CES 500 trainer (shown above) and added a 32-switch fault panel to the rear of the unit making this trainer the ultimate troubleshooting training solution! The fault panel features 16 normal-open fault switches allowing an instructor to induce an open in many of the circuit components depicted on the face of the trainer, including breaking DC variable and fixed power supplies, grounds, potentiometer and switch connections, transistor emitter, base, and collector connections, and primary and secondary transformer winding connections. 

The remaining 16 switches are used to induce either an open or shorts across circuit components including resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, LED, lamps, and photocell connections. A supplemental manual guides the instructor through how to use the faults with the original experiments found in the CES 500 Student Manual. 

The CES 500F is a must-have for any electronics program to teach students how to properly troubleshoot faults in electronics circuits.


CES750 Exploratory Digital Electronics Lab Trainer
The CES 750 is often used side-by-side with the CES 500 exploratory analog trainer to provide a foundational analog and digital electronics learning solution. The CES 750 features a variety of logic gates and common flip-flops used to introduce the foundational elements of digital electronics theory.

The CES 750 Student Manual features 25+ exploratory digital electronics experiments.


Standard Enclosure
Our standard enclosures are hand-crafted with Midwestern Red Oak, lightly stained to bring out the character of the wood grain, then protected with hand-rubbed Tung Oil. This creates a pleasant home-style look that complements nearly any learning environment.


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In 2016, Azimuth Aerospace acquired CES Industries, Inc., manufacturer of the popular CES Ed-Lab Electronics Trainers. Visit our Products>>CES Trainers section for more info!

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