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Azimuth Aerospace Solutions Acquires CES Industries Ed-Lab Product Line

Apr 13, 2016, 2:22am

Azimuth Aerospace Solutions, LLC has acquired electronics training equipment manufacturer CES Industries and its Ed-Lab Product Line. For more than 30 years, CES Industries has manufactured thousands of electronics training systems that are used in high schools, colleges, and military academies throughout the world.

The acquisition enables Azimuth Aerospace Solutions to offer electronics and avionics schools a complete package of curriculum, detailed lesson plans, textbooks, and now lab trainers with hands-on projects. This package is an ideal solution for schools that want to offer a comprehensive electronics program, an NCATT Aviation Electronics Technician (AET) certification program, or a STEM Skills curriculum.

The Ed-Lab product line includes models ranging from basic exploratory trainers to advanced analog and digital electronics training systems. Azimuth Aerospace Solutions works with each school to help them choose the right level of training solution for their program goals, and develops curriculum and lesson plans for instructors to make learning easy and enjoyable.

For more information, email or contact Azimuth Aerospace Solutions at 616-581-3539. 

Azimuth Aerospace Receives Avotek Distributor Authorization

Feb 29, 2016, 2:59am

Azimuth Aerospace Solutions signs Distributor Agreement with Avotek, an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of aviation training materials. 

Azimuth Aerospace Solutions is now authorized to sell Avotek Textbook Products including the latest textbooks in the Avionics and Aviation Maintenance Series. "This agreement will complement Azimuth Aerospace's training solutions by allowing us to package our curriculum development and educational trainers with Avotek's excellent textbooks," said William Tramper, President of Azimuth Aerospace Solutions. Azimuth currently offers a variety of training courses, both online and instructor-led, targeted at filling voids in training solutions for the modern aviation maintenance professional and aviation electronics technicians. Azimuth also custom-designs and develops computer-based training courses for aviations products manufacturers and develops curriculum tailored for specific education needs. Azimuth's professional trainng development staff can design virtually any training solution for nearly any specific need. For more information, please explore this website or contact our team at 616-581-3539.

What is a Learning Management System?

Jul 26, 2012, 12:19am

A Learning Management System is a tool that is used to track student progress, monitor results, manage access, and run reports. Most importantly, an LMS allows training managers or instructors to view each student’s progress through the training course, view test results, set recurrence due dates, and document student’s training for recordkeeping purposes. Learning Management systems can be off-the-shelf products or customized for specific purposes. One such specific LMS was customized to provide three levels of administration. In the first tier, the student is allowed to view only his or her individual progress and test results. The second tier allows an instructor or training manager to monitor the students in his or her group. In the third tier, a master administrator has the capability to monitor all students in all groups. This form of LMS has proven to be beneficial and successful in both industry and education.

CBT in Education

Jul 26, 2012, 12:18am

You may have heard of the debate between education and computer-based training. Some fear CBT because they think it may one day replace teachers. I certainly don’t want to replace classroom instruction with CBT, but CBT can enhance classroom instruction in many ways. One way is that CBT solutions can be adapted for use in the classroom replacing bullet-point slideshows and ordinary pictures with 3D high definition graphics allowing students to comprehend the information much faster and much deeper. Teachers can also use CBT solutions for assignments, and for students who missed class, to catch up on their work and keep pace with the rest of the class. Add the element of a Learning Management System and the teacher can now see which student completed the CBT course work and how much time they spent on it. The teacher will easily be able to see which students went through the whole assignment and which students skipped around or flew right through it. 

CBT Outreach

Jul 26, 2012, 12:18am

I recently sold a CBT solution to a company by pointing out the fact of how CBT can reach more customers than they could in person. In this particular case, the company is a manufacturer of avionics equipment for business jets. The equipment this company manufactures requires some expertise and specific knowledge in order to properly install the equipment in an aircraft. The cost of sending an instructor to just one customer location to teach an all day instructor-led training course is comparable to the cost of creating a computer-based training course covering the same material. As a result, the investment in the CBT solution is used to reach not just that one customer, but all of their customers… everywhere in the world.

I also built in the functionality to allow instructors to use the CBT solution in a classroom environment. Imagine… instead of using bullet-point slideshows while teaching a class, picture bringing 3D high definition graphics to life allowing students to comprehend the information much faster, and much deeper than just explaining with words! This can even reduce the instruction time of the class considerably!

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In 2016, Azimuth Aerospace acquired CES Industries, Inc., manufacturer of the popular CES Ed-Lab Electronics Trainers. Visit our Products>>CES Trainers section for more info!

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