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CBT in Education

Jul 26, 2012, 12:18am

You may have heard of the debate between education and computer-based training. Some fear CBT because they think it may one day replace teachers. I certainly don’t want to replace classroom instruction with CBT, but CBT can enhance classroom instruction in many ways. One way is that CBT solutions can be adapted for use in the classroom replacing bullet-point slideshows and ordinary pictures with 3D high definition graphics allowing students to comprehend the information much faster and much deeper. Teachers can also use CBT solutions for assignments, and for students who missed class, to catch up on their work and keep pace with the rest of the class. Add the element of a Learning Management System and the teacher can now see which student completed the CBT course work and how much time they spent on it. The teacher will easily be able to see which students went through the whole assignment and which students skipped around or flew right through it. 

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