Azimuth Aerospace Solutions offers a variety of training courses and education training products focused on analog and digital electronics, as well as several aviation-related topics.

Since acquiring CES Industries in 2016, Azimuth Aerospace has resurrected the production of some of the popular models of CES Ed-Lab trainers. Models that are back in production are the CES 651 Advanced Analog Electronics Lab, the CES 500 Exploratory Analog Electronics Lab, and the CES 750 Exploratory Digital Electronics Lab. 

Our most popular trainer is the CES 500F trainer, a modified version of the CES 500 witht he 'F' meaning 'Fault'. This trainer features a 32-switch fault panel on the rear of the unit allowing an instructor to induce opens and shorts in many of the circuit components depicted on the face of the trainer. This useful modification allows students to learn the critical skill of troubleshooting, an essential skill for anyone working with electronics.

We have also designed and developed a new clean-sheet trainer called the KV920 Aircraft Lighting Systems Lab. See the CES Trainers page to learn more about this exciting new product!